88rising x Sorayama

NYC, 2020
Animation, Augmented Reality
88rising celebrated the launch of their new album, Head in the Clouds II, with the release of a capsule collection designed by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. I developed animated versions of Hajime’s most celebrated artwork and then integrated them into augmented reality wearables. 

Consisting of 11 pieces, the collection features embroidered renditions of Sorayama’s original chrome-plated Fembot works. The apparel is then equipped with AR functionality made possible through photo target tracking in Instagram and Snapchat filters.

The process began with animating many of the iconic Sorayama classics.

Once the animations were created, they were then composed digitally into arrangements that matched their embroidered garments.

The filters then went live one Instagram and Snapchat. Fans of 88rising and Sorayama alike celebrated and promoted the collaboration by posting videos on social media of their animated clothing. The product was a success at bringing technology into the wearable space and served as an excellent way of stirring up engagement online via the integrations with social media. 

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