Toronto, 2022
Art Direction, 3D Design
To Introduce the Cadillac Future Classics Collection, Cadillac commissioned me to immortalize a classic Cadillac by reimagining it as a concept vehicle for the future of driving.

For its 120th anniversary, Cadillac celebrates the longevity and legacy of its brand while also looking to the future with forward leaps in EV technology. This commission is a tribute to these concepts through a reimagining of one of their most memorable automobiles, the 1977 Cadillac DeVille, as an EV.

The goal was to reimagine the vehicle in a way that reflects our bold, vibrant, and fantastical visual times.

Because this is a work of digital art unbound by reality, and because EV technology represents a new design opportunity, the limitations on what could be imagined were quite endless.

I took inspiration from the dramatic lighting and set design of 70s automobile advertisements then blended them with a modern design aesthetic to come up with the three iterations presented here.