Canadian Tire

Toronto, 2021
Art Direction, 3D Design, VFX Direction, Compositing
Working with Studio AM and Branded Cities I was in charge of the Art Direction and VFX supervision for the first 3D billboard in Canada. We created a brand experience that took over downtown Toronto.

Stationed at Toronto's highest-trafficked areas, Yonge & Dundas and Union Station, the two billboards were a specialized 4-week campaign that features live recorded 20-sec videos promoting Canada Tire Corporation's pet-food line-up.


To develop Canada's first 3D Billboard, I combined the use of 3D design software and live elements. Templates were designed and calculated based on the most desirable viewing point. A scene was then mocked up in 3D with the same camera angle. At this point, any content or animation could be placed within. 

VFX Direction:

To bring live elements into the digital mock-up, a real-life set was built out at a 1:40 scale to record the pets. Pet trainers lead the Dog and Cat to perform actions atop the blue-screened miniature tower.


The footage was keyed out and then positioned within the existing template to get approval on which movement the team would be happy with.

The Canadian Tire products were then 3d scanned and brought into the DreamRoom. At this point, the scene was art-directed further and lighting and materials were added to push it to the finish line.