Double Happiness

Los Angeles, 2022
3D animation, Branding
I had the opportunity to lead the creation of a visually captivating landing page website background 3D animation for the highly anticipated launch of 88rising's groundbreaking offshoot brand, "Double Happiness." This project not only demanded a keen eye for aesthetic innovation but also a deep understanding of the brand's essence, especially its connection to the festivals in the desert.

The background animation was carefully crafted to evoke the mesmerizing day-night cycle experienced at these festivals, where the scorching sunsets melt into electrifying nights, creating an immersive digital experience that beautifully mirrored the soul of "Double Happiness."

Additionally, I had the privilege of crafting the brand's distinctive logo typography, which now adorns all the garments created for festival goers, infusing each piece with the same friendly energy and vibrancy that defines these festivals. This creative endeavor not only contributed to the brand's debut in the digital realm but also significantly elevated the tangible experience of festival attendees, aligning perfectly with the client's aspirations and goals.